Friday, November 30, 2012

Vera Wang 'Princess' perfume!

The Vera Wang Princess collection perfume is my all time favorite collection of perfumes- there are so many different options to choose from, but my favorite is the original Princess. It has a nice, vanilla-y scent to it with a little bit of floral mixed in. It's not too heavy on the flowers or the vanilla, so it's great for everyday wear. This is my second bottle of the perfume, and I can never get enough of it! I also have the Vera Wang Flower Princess perfume but I didn't bring it with me to school. It has more of a spring time/ summer time scent, with the main scent being very floral. I know there are other scents like Rock Princess, Glam Princess, and Princess Night but I haven't had a chance to test those out. If you do use those scents what do you think of them? What are some of your favorite perfumes?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick

My most favorite beyond favorite lipstick color is Benefit's Silky Finish Lipstick in My Treat. For the past year I've been looking to get more because my tube is close to running out but I couldn't find it at any of the Benefit counters near where I was or on their website. Yet, when I was doing some holiday browsing on their website today I found that the color was back again (it probably never left, thought) and I got so very excited. The color is really pigmented, and it goes so smoothly on the lips. The lipglosses they have in their line, especially the brighter pink ones with a tad of sparkle, go really well with this color as a bit of topper if you want a little bit more shimmer. I am a sucker for pink lips, especially bright pink lips, but I do like any bright color when it comes to lip glosses and lip sticks. I want to get the Frenched color next, it looks so pretty and red.

Lip Balm Basic

To start out my beauty/ make up blog, I figured the best way would be start with the most basic thing I can think of- Lip Balm! Seriously, who doesn't use lip balm? There are so many brands, but I stick to the drugstore kind (broke University student over here!). I absolutely cannot live without my Carmex lip balms, they are my lip saviors. Some people think they are a bit heavy and I will agree with that, but I like that it stays on your lips. They also come in some pretty good scents now- I love vanilla and cherry the most, but they also have lime. And you can get them in stick form, or one of those squeeze tube things. The squeeze tube ones don't have a great consistency in my opinion and are a bit more oily than the other types. I also use Blistex medicated lip balm on occasion, but I find it to be a bit greasy. For me, that seems to be the issue with a lot of lip balms- they all feel oily or really greasy on my lips and don't hydrate them well. What are some of your favorites?