Tuesday, December 4, 2012

L'OREAL Color Riche lipstick

I picked up the L'OREAL Color Caresse by Color Riche lipstick in Blushing Sequin a couple weeks ago during one of my many trips to Wallgreens but I hadn't used it too much until this past week or so. It is really well packaged, I love the metallic tube with the lipstick color giving more dimension to the tube. When I bought it, I expected the color to go on really bright and thick but that is definitely not the case. It's bright pink in the tube, but when it is applied to the lips its almost transparent with only one swipe. It adds just a tint of color to the lips but is easily built up to a bright pink opaque color. Also, it's not heavy it is more like a lip balm. It goes onto the lips very smoothly and I find it to be very hydrating. The lasting power isn't all that great, though. I find myself having to reapply the color every couple of hours to keep the color opaque but if I don't it does leave a nice tint that lasts a good while. I got this from Wallgreens for around $8, and there are 16 colors in total. There are quite a few products in the Color Riche line, they also have a balm, gloss, nail polish, lip color (which is more of an opaque lipstick), lip liner, Le Gloss, and Anti-Aging Serum. I do like their selection of colors, so I'm looking forward to trying more of their Color Riche products.
In this last image, I swatched the color. On top is just one swipe of the color while the bottom is a couple of passes of the color. What lip colors do you use the most? XOXO

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