Saturday, December 15, 2012

Napolean Made Makeup?!

 This is Napolean Angel Baby Eye Quad.  It's a lot of gold based, neutral tones that have some shimmer.  They are really pigmented, with the left side being better colors for the spring and summer and the colors on the right being better for the fall and winter.They go easily onto a brush or sponge applicator and is really compact so you can throw it into your purse if you need a bit of an eye touch up during the day, or if you're going away for a weekend and can't take many colors with you.  The dark brown, bottom right, and more (for lack of a better term, even though it's super pretty) tarnished gold, top right, can easily help change a daytime look into a nice smokey night time look in a few minutes.  It even comes with a pretty nice mirror which, coincidentally, is where I have my one complaint.  The loose bits of the eyeshadow powder stick to the mirror like nobody's business.  Now, I know you're going to say "well don't most eyeshadows with a mirror on top have that problem too?"  Yes, I will agree that does happen a lot but this is really difficult to get off of the mirror for some reason, more than other eyeshadows with a mirror in the same place.  All in all I would say that I really like this palette.  
As you can see below on the swatches I did on my hand that the colors have really good pigmentation.

 The formulation of the shadows are also really smooth, and go on with out much dropping onto my face or creasing.  It's not creamy just a smooth, finely 'ground', packed powder.

I hope you guys enjoyed this latest post! If you had to leave and travel tomorrow, what would be the one eyeshadow quad you would take and why? XOXO

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