Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

I have two brands that I use religiously when it comes to mascara, Rimmel or Covergirl.  All other brands, drugstore at least, that I have tried just don't make me happy.  My eyes either look spidery or clumpy or hard as a rock.  I have used a couple of Rimmel mascaras and I would have to say that this one ranks pretty low.  If I just sweep the brush, like I do with all mascaras, up across my lashes a couple of times it has two effects- it either looks super spidery or you can't tell that I put any on.  I have found that if I roll the brush around as a draw upwards on my lashes they look slightly better, but even after that they still look not so good.  Also, I don't know how you're supposed to get sexy curves in your eyelashes but I definitely don't see that happening with this mascara.  I keep it as my emergency mascara in my book bag or my purse, otherwise I don't use it all that much. The one thing I do like about this mascara is the brush, pictured below; it 'curves' but the bristles are all the same length, which is on the shorter side, but the brushes 'bubbles' out three times so that it looks curvy.

Do you have any mascaras that you don't like but still tolerate them enough to keep as back ups? XOXO


  1. The Falsies volum' express by maybeline is probably the worst mascara I ever bought. It doesn't give volume like promised and it has a tendency to clump my lashes. The strange thing though is it seems to have gotten better with time. Still, I only wear it when I can't find my other one.


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