Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Say Yes! ... To Carrots?

Yes, Say Yes to Carrots! My roommate and I exchanged Christmas gifts today and among other things, she gave me so cool beauty and nail things that I'm so excited to try. For nails she gave me Sally Hansen crackle nail polish and then Say Yes to Cucumbers face cleansing wipes and Say yes to Carrots berry lip balm. Be expecting reviews to come as I try these products!
First up to be reviewed is the Say Yes to Carrots berry lip balm. As I said in this post, I really love my Carmex lip balm because it's so heavy and thick, especially during the winter. This lip balm has a really nice berry scent, like strawberries, but it's not too sweet and overpowering like a lot of fruit scented lip balm. It's lighter and has more oil and no petrolium. For me, that automatically puts me off but after putting it on the lasting power was pretty good. It's not something that I would use so much during the winter months but in the spring and summer, I think it will be really nice and not so heavy as my other lip balms. The only qualms that I have about it is that once you get past the very top, which is really smooth, it gets a little gritty and rough on the lips. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with this especially since it's a brand I never thought of trying before. What are some beauty things you hope come in your holiday stocking? XOXO

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