Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sponge it all away

My mom got this for me for Christmas, it's the Cynthia Rowley precision blending sponge, she found it at Marshalls.  I've been hearing a lot about the Beauty Blender makeup sponge, but it costs a lot for one little sponge.  This is a dupe, in all ways.  The material is smooth, and feels really good when it's blending things into my skin.  It's not rough and is easily rinsed out so that you can clean it.  I like that it has a groove in the center which makes it easier for me to hold onto as well as having the pointed tip helps to get into the areas around your nose and under your eyes.  So far I have only used this to put on foundation and I loved it, I haven't used it for blending blushes or anything like that yet.  All in all, I really really love this sponge and that's just after one use!
Have you ever tried this sponge or the beauty blender?  What were your thoughts? XOXO

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