Friday, January 25, 2013

The day I actually tried...

So, I'm still not feeling 100% after being sick but I'm getting better.  I didn't have any classes this afternoon, I never do on Fridays, so during that break I actually decided to try and look like a normal human female for rehearsal.  Here was the final product:
You can't see what I'm wearing but it's a top and skirt combination, and I'm not a big fan of wearing skirts most of the time but I did.  I curled my hair with my flat iron, which is the brand Zoe and I love it! It works really well an wasn't really really expensive.  Before I curled my hair I rubbed Chi Silk Infusion through my hair to help keep it from damage.

For the face I used the Rimmel Clean Finish poreless foundation in the color Ivory.  It's a really lovely foundation, goes on smoothly and doesn't look cakey or streaky.  I then used my Napolean neutral color palette to help define my eyebrows, mixing the peach and light brown color to darken them just a tiny bit.  I then used two shimmery brown colors from my HG Sephora palette the names of the colors aren't listed on the back, sadly.  I don't have any 'true' contouring colors so instead I use an older Ulta brand blush that I got as a free gift from the store to help define my cheeks.  On the apples of my cheeks I used the Stilla Convertible lip and cheek color in Petunia. I absolutely love this color and product! It's so smooth and pigmented and it blends so nicely and seemlessly into the cheeks.  It's more of a spring color but I love using this in the winter because it doesn't make the dreary winter months so dreary.  As for lips, I used the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the color number 10.  It is a bright red lipstick with more orange than blue tones in it.  It stays on the lips for quite a while without coming off too badly, and it's great to use if your face is more neutral in other areas. 

So, yes, this is my 'hey, I actually tried today' face.  We all have days like this, what products do you like to use on those days? XOXO


  1. I love the lip colour and hope you recover quickly :)

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