Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warm and cozy!

After a day of doctor's appointments, classes, rehearsals, paperwork, and doing a mini organization and clean of the theatre it felt GREAT being able to come home, take a shower, and snuggle down in my bed to finish some paperwork and get cozy.  It's winter here, and is supposed to SNOW on Sunday, which means my skin isn't happy.  I used some of my favorite shower gel from the Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy line in Sleep and then put on baby oil.
I use the Equate brand lavender baby oil (sorry, no picture).  It works as well as the Johnson and Johnson but is cheaper.  There are certain things I like to save on and this is one of them, it's basically the same thing no matter what brand you get- at least to me!  Plus, Equate was the only one with the lavender scent.  I hopped out of the shower, slapped on the body oil, and put on the wonderful footie pajamas that my mom hand made me.  She is just amazing! No store size fits me because I'm so short, and I've been dying for a pair, so she made me some- they're pinkandpolkadots (yes all one word).  This helps to lock in the moisture from the baby oil in hopes that my skin won't look so cracked or dry.  In short, using body oil (especially during the months that are harshest on the skin) helps to keep you moisturized longer especially when used with a good moisturizing lotion.  My favorite is the Gold Bond lotion, a post on that will be coming soon!

What do you do to keep your skin in top shape during the harsh months? XOXO


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