Friday, February 22, 2013

NOTD: Teal, teal, teal!

Hi guys! Today is my first NOTD (Nail of the Day) post, so bear with me! We enjoyed a second snow day today, so a friend came over and we watched movies, trecked to dinner, and painted our nails :) I chose the teal nail polish I got a few years ago to match my Junior Prom dress.
The brand of this nail polish is China Glaze and the color is Custom Kicks (721).  I would think that it's still available but don't quite me on it.  I really like this nail polish.  It's opaque after one coat and there is a slight shimmer to it but it's not overpowering.  The color is a lot deeper and much more green than the picture makes it seem.  The actual polish itself is pretty liquidy and gets onto the brush really nicely and you can do two or three nails without having to re-dip the brush.  I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone, they have a wide selection of colors and don't cost you an arm and a leg.
Have you ever bought nail polish just to match a piece of clothing? XOXO


  1. I adore teal shades like this! I also really enjoy CG polishes. And I totally do buy polishes to match my outfits, it is the best way to accessorize in my opinion! :) That's awesome that you had a snow day, I hope you enjoyed it!

    1. I did, thank you! this is the only nail polish I've ever bought to match an outfit but I may do it more- haha! :)

  2. gorgeous color! :D


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