Friday, February 22, 2013

REVIEW: Botanicals By The Sea Face Cream- Youthful Bloom

I'm usually very wary of face products that are natural or organic because I'm never quite sure where they come from or if they'll even work. Enter this face cream (please ignore my Baa Baa Sheep bedding), my mom got it for me- plus a two other things from the line that you can expect a review from soon- for Christmas.  I was very wary at first but the scent of the product drew me in, I absolutely love anything that smells like lavender and all of the products do! If you're not into strong scents, don't worry, because the smell dissipates very quickly as it absorbs into your skin.  It is a very heavy cream, so I only save it for night time or when it's snowing and really cold like it has been for the past few days.
You get a pretty good sized pot for the price, and you don't need to use a lot to cover your whole face.  I will definitely buy this after it is all gone- I absolutely love it!
Do you have any face creams you swear by? XOXO


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