Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another opening, another show!

Last night, I had the honor of going to the opening night of Stephens College Performing Arts Department presentation of Legally Blonde: The Musical.  It was a beautifully done show with amazing talents performing which I am so lucky to call my friends and classmates.  I did my makeup all nice and pretty for the show but not in pink!! Instead I chose colors that matched the water color pattern of the skirt of the dress I was wearing.
For my lips, I used my ever loved Revlon Just Been Kissed balm stain in Sweetheart because it really does stay put and it's a lovely bright color.  On my cheeks I used the brand new Revlon Baby Sticks color for lips and cheeks in the lightest color, which is a mix of a light baby pink and  a coral- it's really lovely and goes on really nicely, expect a review soon!  For my foundation I used my new Revlon Photo Ready foundation, and I've totally fallen in love with it.  I think I may have fallen in love with the whole Revlon line, at least the Photo Ready section of it!
Please excuse the icky eyebrows, I hadn't groomed them in a little over a week!  To create this eye, I used my BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow 88 color palette, #2.  I first primed my eye with Revlon Photo Ready eye shadow primer, I'm still on the ropes about the packaging but the product is great!  I put a base of a light teal/ocean green blue non shimmer all over my lid and then took a light forest shimmery green and put it on the inside half of my lid and then on the outside and the crease I used a bright, shimmery blue.  Up into my arch I dusted a yellow/gold shimmer color as a brow highlighter as well.  I finished it all of with a few swipes of my Covergirl Lash Blast mascara.
I love getting to play around with bright eyeshadow colors and designs, do you have any makeup that you love to try new things with? XOXO


  1. I found Revlon is a pretty good brand. I really love their eyeliner. It's long lasting and it doesn't really run. Very pretty makeup. The lips just pop and so do your eyes! ^_^

    1. Thank you so much my dear! Another great (non designer brand) long lasting and bright eye liner is Rimmel. Now, high end, it's Urban Decay all the way in my opinion.


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