Monday, May 27, 2013

Revlon Baby Sticks: Review!

Alright so maybe you remember a post I did a while back (link is here) about how excited I was for the Revlon Baby Sticks- color for lips and cheeks- I pestered the people at stores if they were in yet and the Revlon facebook page about when they would hit the stores, I wanted them that much.  They only come in three colors: a light coral pink called Tahitian, a bright pink that is called Pink Passion, and a red color called Sunset.  I only bought one, just to make sure I liked it and I got the color Tahitian.

I know it says it can be used for both lips and cheeks, but it is too pale for my liking on my lips but I love it on my cheeks.  It's a pale coral/mainly baby pink color that looks wonderful on pale skin tones.  It gives you a nice natural flush that isn't too bright or summer/spring time bright. It just looks very natural.   The one problem I have is that I don't know the right way to apply it, whether I should dab it onto my fingers, use a stippling brush, or go straight from the tube (which is what I've been doing).  I'm also looking into getting the pink passion color because, well, mainly because I love pink colors.

Do you guys like the new trend of big stick applicators like this for cheeks and eyes? XOXO

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My very first M.A.C. purchase!

Hi all!! I was Maryland for my cousins wedding a week or two ago and later in that week my mom, aunt, and I went to NYC for a day trip.  They took a bus tour and I was left to my own devices, trust me, it was better that way.  I'm not a big fan of bus trips, they're boring, you can't get off to look at things or try things or touch things- booooooorrrriiing.  So as I wandered from my cousins work, which is  a few blocks below Times Squares, on my way to Central Park I passed by one of the M.A.C. store and decided to go in and look around.  I had been debating getting a lipstick and lip liner from there, and they are great! I use them practically every day :)
 The lipstick color I got is called Crosswires which is in the CremeSheen collection, and the number is A13.  It's not a super bright pink but it's also not a muted nude, which I think is a great color to have.  Something on the inbetween scale that can be casual or formal.
The lip liner I got is called Whirl.  It's like a dark dusty rose, brown with pink in it.  I had never owned or used lip liner, so one of the workers showed me how to properly use lip liner and now I'm so glad I know.  I love how it gives more dimension to my lips and helps to define them because, personally, I think my lips look a little 'bleh' when not defined now.
Going into M.A.C. for the first time to buy your first M.A.C. cosmetics was really exciting but also scary because I do run this blog and should know this stuff, I don't and I did not want to look that way when I was in there.  The artists there were very helpful, and the girl who helped me really listened to what I said and what I liked.  While she did put a nude color on my lips first that I didn't like, I only like one nude lip combination and I will actually do a video about that soon, but then she let me try on the brightest pink there was and I liked it but I also already own a TON of bright pink lipsticks and glosses so she had me try this one and I immediately fell in love!

Do you have any fun makeup things you do during the summer? XOXO

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NOTD: Color Block!

Color blocking has become big in fashion this year, and I saw this nail design in my aunt's In Style magazine and wanted to try it.  This was so super easy to do!! I used a Sinful Colors lilac purple as the base, I painted the whole nail this color and then built upon it.  I didn't use any tape or special brushes to do the horizontal stripes, it was really easy to do it with the brush provided with the polish.  I used a coral-y pink from the Nicole OPI collection, sadly I don't think they carry the color anymore, and I picked an angle and painted the polish over top the purple at an angle from one side to the other.  As you can see it doesn't have to be corner to corner- it can be how large of a block, or how sharp of an angle you choose.  I just did whatever happened with each nail!  Once that dried I took what I call Tardis Blue, and did the other angles the same way.  The blue is by Essie and is called Mesmerized if I can recall correctly.  This is a really easy design to do, and if you mess up it still looks really cool!
Have you tried this trend yet? XOXO

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to Gilligan's Island!

The other day, Dawn Wells came to Stephens to film part of the 50th anniversary documentary for Gilligan's Island.  She played Mary Ann on the tv show, but she is also a Stephens woman who was a part of our theatre department.  Before she started filming the first few interviews with the three people who volunteered first she was just chatting with us, and SHE COMMENTED ME ON MY EYE SHADOW AND MAKEUP!

I did very simple base makeup, so I won't go into that. Even though my eye shadow isn't as bright and colorful as usual but it still used some colors that I had never tried before.  I used a peach color all over my lid that had just the slightest hint of sparkle in it and then for the outer corners, half the way across the crease, and right up against my top lashes until half way I used a coppery color.  It wasn't as coppery as copper pots and pans, but it is in the copper family.  Plus, it's FINALLY becoming spring/ summer and I thought these colors really helped to wrap those two seasons into one.  The eye shadows I used were from the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 3rd Edition.  I tried to keep my eyes simple, but still with a pop, and to look professional because in this business- Appearance is one quarter of landing a job, two quarters is your connections, and then one quarter is your talent.  The theatre majors who went to this event looked nice and professional, so as to be taken seriously.
What do you guys think of this look? Yay or Nay? Would you try something in this color family like this? XOXO