Sunday, May 26, 2013

My very first M.A.C. purchase!

Hi all!! I was Maryland for my cousins wedding a week or two ago and later in that week my mom, aunt, and I went to NYC for a day trip.  They took a bus tour and I was left to my own devices, trust me, it was better that way.  I'm not a big fan of bus trips, they're boring, you can't get off to look at things or try things or touch things- booooooorrrriiing.  So as I wandered from my cousins work, which is  a few blocks below Times Squares, on my way to Central Park I passed by one of the M.A.C. store and decided to go in and look around.  I had been debating getting a lipstick and lip liner from there, and they are great! I use them practically every day :)
 The lipstick color I got is called Crosswires which is in the CremeSheen collection, and the number is A13.  It's not a super bright pink but it's also not a muted nude, which I think is a great color to have.  Something on the inbetween scale that can be casual or formal.
The lip liner I got is called Whirl.  It's like a dark dusty rose, brown with pink in it.  I had never owned or used lip liner, so one of the workers showed me how to properly use lip liner and now I'm so glad I know.  I love how it gives more dimension to my lips and helps to define them because, personally, I think my lips look a little 'bleh' when not defined now.
Going into M.A.C. for the first time to buy your first M.A.C. cosmetics was really exciting but also scary because I do run this blog and should know this stuff, I don't and I did not want to look that way when I was in there.  The artists there were very helpful, and the girl who helped me really listened to what I said and what I liked.  While she did put a nude color on my lips first that I didn't like, I only like one nude lip combination and I will actually do a video about that soon, but then she let me try on the brightest pink there was and I liked it but I also already own a TON of bright pink lipsticks and glosses so she had me try this one and I immediately fell in love!

Do you have any fun makeup things you do during the summer? XOXO


  1. Congrats on your first MAC purchase! Whenever I go into MAC I just let the girls go crazy and I love the suggestions that they give! I've never tried a MAC lip liner (or any lip liner, for that matter!) and now I really want to try one!

    1. I like the color lip liner I got because it can be used with almost any color lipstick or lip gloss :)

  2. The lipstick is very pretty! During the summer for some reason my makeup obsession kicks in and I end up going to a lot of makeup stores! I would love to go to NYC again because I would like to visit another inglot store!


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