Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rimmel Extra WOW Lash Mascara

Rimmel is, by far, one of my favorite make up brands and they never seem to disappoint me.  I picked this up the other day at the drugstore because it was on sale and I needed a new mascara for my bag.  It's a nice mascara but I'm not too sure about the WOW factor.  The Scandaleyes mascara line definitely makes my lashes look much longer and more curled than this does BUT with that being said, I wouldn't immediately throw this out.  It is good for a nice little lift, and a subtle defined lash- great for the day.  The bottle is simple and streamlined, which means it goes great in my back pack and I can quickly coat it on while I'm on my way to class.  One thing I really do like about this is that I really like how it looks on my bottom lashes.  It doesn't make them look too defined and they don't disappear like they always do.  It gives them a 'we're here, but not in your face' kind of way.  So while I don't know if I would purchase right away again, I would suggest you give this product a try for a travel bag or if you're an on the go student who needs a quick lift in between classes.

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