Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to: No Heat Curls

Here we have another simple trick to make your hair look nice without you having to fry it with a flat iron (guilty) or a curling iron.  I first found this trick on pinterest last year and have been doing it ever since if I want to have curly hair without all of the muss and fuss.

All you have to do is put a sweat band around your head, so it looks like it could be a really bad fashion statement, and then you take a section of hair and loop it around the band once.  Then you add a little bit more hair to that firs section and wrap it again.  You keep doing this until all of your hair is wrapped around your head on this sweat band.  You should do this when your hair is still slightly damp but not completely soaked, nor totally dry.  If it's totally wet, your hair will never dry then you just have a damp mess on your hands and if you do it when it's completely dry the hair will not stay on the band.  Each person's hair is different though, so I suggest trying a few different versions of dampness to see what works best for you.  This is what the finished product should look like:

The curls that come out of this are pretty messy, so it's a good style to do half up half down in my opinion.  It does give your hair a good amount of volume as well, especially if you use a volumizing mouse.  I hope you enjoyed this how to :) XOXO

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