Sunday, December 22, 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Palette: Review

When the movie The Great and Powerful Oz was released, Urban Decay jumped right on the bandwagon and created two GORGEOUS palettes based off of the two female characters- Theodora and Glinda.  The Theodora palette was darker and more mysterious, while the Glinda palette is lighter and more magical.  I immediately knew I needed to get my hands on the Glinda palette and after going to store after store, I finally bought it from the Ulta online store.  I had a lot of points racked up and a coupon, so it wound up being less than twenty dollars.  It came with a pretty lippy, which I'll review when I have it with me, a mini of their eggplant colored 24/7 eye liner, and eight beautiful eye shadows.  One reason I love Urban Decay is because of the formula's they use in their products.  Everything I have bought from them has been creamy and easy to apply, including the eye shadow.  With these I had almost no fallout except with the total glitter color 'OZ' which is a half dish of gold, half dish of silver but the consistency is still very creamy and easy to apply.  Maybe creamy isn't the right word, soft might be better... anyway.  As you'll see in the pictures below they are highly pigmented, and the swatches I did without primer to show how pigmented they are.  They are all shimmer colors, either with glitter or iridescent shimmer.  I've rambled long enough, here is the Glinda palette:
 Top from left to right: Tornado, Aura (dual color), and Magic
Bottom from left to right: Illusion, Oz (dual color), and South

  From left to right on my arm is: Tornado, Auro (yellow, left, blue, right), Magic, Illusion, Oz (gold, left, silver, right) and South.
As you can see, the colors are really soft and shimmery (I love that word, SHIMMER) but pack the color that they show in the pan especially if I were to have put primer on my arm before swatching the colors on my arm.  My only complaint, and it's not actually a complaint more of a 'hmm, this could be better but I still love it', is that the color Oz does have some fallout when it's being applied because it is the most glitter packed of the bunch.  Coincidentally, because they are the most glitter packed they are also my favorite color in the palette only to be rivaled by Magic which is really pretty because it's iridescent. 
All in all, being my first palette purchase from Urban Decay, I was not disappointed at all.  I use this palette to travel because it came in a very pretty and handy tin, and the colors can be transitioned easily from day to night.  5 gold stars on my rating scale all the way.  Did you try either of these palettes? XOXO


  1. I wish I had picked up one of these! They look like beautiful palettes; great review!

    1. Thank you! It took me awhile to get my hands on one, I bet you could find one on Amazon or Ebay :)

  2. That looks really pretty! That is a lot of colours that I don't normally go for, but they look so nice.

    1. I usually wouldn't go for the deep purple or stormy grey either, but they've grown on me.


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