Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Plethora of Beauty Bibles

The other day I went down to my local library in search of a good read and found four wonderful beauty books.  Obviously, they were immediately snatched up and added, if only for a few weeks, to my other two beauty bibles.  What I like about these books, by Bobbi Brown and Jemma Kidd, is that they are all different and talk about different aspects of beauty.  In this post I shall try to explain why you need to at least read these or pick them up and add them to your personally library.
 Jemma Kidd: Makeup Secrets- This is a basic how to guide to makeup.  Nothing particularly spectacular of special applications, but it does give a good basic background of how to do your makeup nicely.
Jemma Kidd: Makeup Master Class- This is a more advanced version of the first book.  This book talks more about different techniques and different applications.  It also shows you different types of products and goes into detail about each one.
 Bobbi Brown: Beauty Evolution: This book talks about the beauty industry and what roles people play in photo shoots, etc. It talks about how no one comes into a photo shoot perfect and it's the makeup artist and the lighting director and the photographer and the photo retoucher's job to make them look perfect.  It also takes you through makeup you should be doing for YOUR age, twenties and beyond, which I find to be a very helpful thing to have.
Bobbi Brown: Living Beauty- This book is about Bobbi's life and how she gets her inspirations.  It also talks about diet and exercise and how that also affects your beauty.
Bobbi Brown: Makeup Manual: This is my makeup bible.  It has everything you could possibly need in a book about makeup. Enough said.
Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful: I just bought this the other day and love it.  It not only talks about looks from day to night, natural to bold, but also highlights women that Bobbi thinks embodies the qualities not only with their makeup but with their personality.
So, as you can see, these makeup books all hold something completely different from the other but together make one gigantic Makeup Mega Bible.  What books about makeup do you like? XOXO


  1. The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is one of my absolute faves! My next beauty book purchase will be an ingredient dictionary I think.

  2. I recently got the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and cannot wait to read it entirely :)


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