Sunday, January 5, 2014

Come to the theater with me!

 Today, I had the great honor of watching some amazing actors perform Peter and the Starcatcher at the Ahmanson Theater in L.A. and I wanted to share my matinee look with all of you.  Being a theatre major, I see every live performance as a time to look your best and put your best foot forward.  So even though this show was a matinee, which is generally casual attire, I dressed up- pearls and all.
Shoes- Black, kitten heel, 50's style shoes. Payless
Dress- Black with peep front and three quarter length sleeves. Target.
Belt- Bright purple. H&M
Sweater- Black with sequins. H&M
Now onto my hair and makeup! For my hair, I used my flat iron and sectioned my hair off and then curled each piece to create a full curled look.  I wanted my hair to look quite curly, so I didn't run a brush through it.  Instead, I ran my fingers through my hair and then sprayed the heck out of it with Aqua Net hairspray.  I then lifted my hair and spritzed a bit of Got 2B volumizing mousse into my roots to give my hair that extra little lift.
My foundation was my usual Revlon Photo Ready foundation, topped off with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder.  For my blush I used the Stila color adjusting blush in Coral, the highlighter I used was Benefit's High Beam, and for contour I used Too Faced's chocolate bronzer.  I used my Napolean eyebrow powder to help define my eyebrows and give them a bit more of a shape.
 For my eye shadow, I used Maybelline's color tattoo pigment in Breaking Bronze and then used the darkest bronze color in my BH cosmetics Day to Night palette.  For my liquid liner, I used this mini liner I have called Pocket Denim liquid eyeliner.  It's a felt tip liquid eyeliner and goes on like a dream, the felt tip especially makes it easy to create a nice wingtip.  I then, of course, used my Rimmel Scandaleyes Curve Alert mascara on my lashes because it makes them look ahmazing.
Finally for my lips I used the Revlon Color Stay Overtime lip color in Constantly Coral.  Sadly, it doesn't show up well in pictures but it's a mix of red and coral so it's not overly orange or red.  This stuff really stays, I mean really really stays- through eating, drinking, whatever, it's still there.  I have to use makeup remover to just get the darn stuff off which, I guess, is a good thing come to think of it.  The good thing about it not wearing off easily is the fact that you don't get that ugly ring around your lips of lip product that was there but has disappeared and you didn't notice.
As for the show, in case you were wondering, it was wonderful.  I just had to stop trying to compare it to the book because they are vastly different.  I see it as they are each their own beautiful piece of art and should be appreciated for what they are and not compared because there is no comparing a book to a play, same as there is no comparing a book to it's movie.  If you do that you'll just wind up sad and disappointed but I did not because I saw it as a different story with the same basic outline.  How have you guys been? XOXO


  1. Pretty! I love the outfit with the shoes you picked!


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