Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fergie for Wet n' Wild- Lipstick Review

 This past fall/winter, Fergie released a new collection with the brand Wet n' Wild fully of deep, vampy colors- perfect for winter weather.  I picked up two of the lipsticks, one being a bright, blue toned red and the other being this lovely plum color with just a hint of frost to it.  This color is called 'D-Vinely Chilled'.  I talked briefly about this in my weekly round up last Sunday, but I wanted to go a bit more in depth because I have fallen head over heels for this color.  It's a plum color, reminiscent of Kate Moss Rimmel Matte lipstick in 107- which was my first foray into berry toned lipsticks.  At first, I was a bit wary of the color because it looked so deep in the packaging but for about $3, what could I lose?  This is not a matte lipstick, but instead has a soft frost/shimmer to it, which really makes it stand out.  I was really surprised at how much I liked the texture of this lipstick, too.  It's creamy and glides on without having to use much pressure at all.  It does have that sort of 'old lady' like smell to it, but I sort of like that and you don't notice it once it's applied.  I think this is a great color to wear during the day or night, but especially during the colder months.  It's just that right bit of 'vampy' to give you that little edge.  During the day, you could pare it with a nice champagne colored eye and simple cheek and then at night you could pair it with a bolder, smokier eye and just go all out and be bold.  I personally would highly recommend the lipsticks from the Fergie collection, I think they're wonderful for the price but I haven't tried any of the other things from the collection.  Maybe I should? Have you tried anything from this collection? XOXO


  1. I've got the wet-n-wild in dollhouse pink, old school glam, and saraghina. All three are really vibrant matte, and I agree that the texture is great. They last a long time, too, but I have noticed my lips dry considerably throughout the day when I wear lipstick, though I don't know if it's exclusive to this brand because I don't typically wear a lot of lipstick.

    1. It may be exclusive to the brand or to your lips. Do you exfoliate them and moisturize them? That might help with them getting considerably dry through the day.


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