Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lush Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb- Review and Photos

During my trip to Universals, I made a stop at the Lush store and I purchased a bath bomb, Phoenix Rising, and a bubble bar which I have already done a review of.  The look of this bath bomb is what initially drew me into it, it's a beautiful purple/ pink color with gold running through it and, apparently, inside there is a nice teal color that blooms out- just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  The scent of this is an amazing apple cinnamon scent, but it's luckily not too strong or else I'd be sneezing up a storm! I cut my bath bombs and bubble bars up to make them last longer, and so I didn't get the teal in this drop but it did turn my bath water a lovely bright pink color.  As almost everyone knows, pink is my favorite color (next to Tardis blue, of course).  I really liked how this made my skin feel too, it didn't dry me out or anything but instead left my skin feeling soft and nourished.  The scent also lingered on my skin and in the bathroom, which made the experience all that much better.  You can either pick this up at the Lush store or online for $6.95.  Have you tried any Lush products? XOXO  


  1. Love the pink colour of this - so girly!

    1. It is, it makes it feel like a princess bath.


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