Friday, January 31, 2014

Revlon Lash Potion: Review and Swatches

This month, I have been test driving Revlon's Lash Potion Mascara, so here is what I think.
I am a Rimmel girl through and through, you can never separate me from my Rimmel Scandaleyes Curve Alert Mascara but, alas, it has happened.  This will not be replacing my favorite mascara but it does come in a close second to all of my favorite Rimmel Mascaras.  I had never tried Revlon mascaras before so I was a bit skeptical when I first picked this up from the store but, after seeing the adds, I just had to try it.
The Product: This comes with your normal spooly wand and tube, nothing to see here, nothing to see here.  The product itself is a bit more wet than I am used to, and definitely caught me off guard.  I wasn't expecting anything excellent from a product that was so liquidy when first applied, or from a normal fiber brush, but I was wrong.
My Reaction: I was really surprised by this product.  I wasn't expecting anything spectacular but, well, just look.
 On the left we have my eye without any curling or mascara, and on the right we have my lashes curled with the mascara put on.  As you can see it makes a great difference in how long my lashes look, and how full they look.  I was really quite pleased with this product, and will keep on using it for the months to come.
Left- with mascara and curling, right- with no mascara or curling.


  1. That is actually really impressive! I'm a Rimmel girl when it comes to mascara too, everything else just disappoints me.

    1. I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you want to branch out a bit.

  2. Looks great! Has it flaked or smudged on you at all?

    Linh @

    1. Not unless I rub my eyes a lot during the day.

  3. Hi Emma! I just found you through the blog hop. I tried this a while back and was pretty impressed with the results. Unfortunately, I didn't get the waterproof version, and it gave me raccoon eyes quickly. :( I'll definitely try the waterproof version once my current mascara runs out. Thanks for reminding me what a great product this is! I've followed through GFC.

    Follow me back?


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