Monday, January 27, 2014

The BEST Nude lipstick

Okay, it may not be the best nude lipstick for you but it certainly is the best nude lipstick I've found for myself. The color is 'Tender Heart' and it's from Clinique. I don't even know if they make this color anymore, oh well, best make it last whilst I have it.  Here's what it looks like:
 I'm really fair, so finding a nude color that doesn't wash me out is really difficult and I've tried time and time again to get it right and failed miserably on multiple attempts.  Then I whipped out this beauty from my collection of lip products this morning and fell in love with it all over again.  I remember getting it in a sample bag from Clinique and being very apprehensive about the color at first.  It's a peachy brown nude, without any shimmer but it's not a drying matte consistency.  It's hydrating, it stays and doesn't leave a wring around my lips, and just looks good with anything.  I have rediscovered my love of this lipstick and will definitely be wearing it on a more constant occasion. What do you think of the color? XOXO


  1. I struggle with lipstick too, but this color looks great!

    1. Nude is definitely a trial and error lip color

  2. Nudes are definitely tricky! Especially when you're a fair gal! The first high end product I bought was a Clinique lipstick and I adored it! I think I need to revisit the Clinique counter because that color looks lovely (especially on you!)


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