Monday, January 6, 2014

The Brow Post

It is needless to say that for many of us, our eye brows are not perfect and if by some grace of God yours are, then I applaud you.  But, for those of us who aren't so lucky we have to remember to shape them, shade them, and draw (yes sometimes DRAW) them on.  For me, I have quite bushy eye brows and so maintaining them is a must if I don't want to look like I have caterpillars on my face. This means plucking them and keeping them up with trimming, while that doesn't sound like much, it does get a bit irksome to do- especially when you're tired.  Yet, when all of that is said and done I still need to do a little work to make my brows look wonderful enter the lovely beauties you see here.
First I take my Jordana Fabu Brow eyebrow pencil and fill in my eyebrows to make them look a bit darker and fuller, but not too full.  I picked this pencil up at Wallgreens for around $3.  Then I use my Napolean eye shadow quad #4 and my angled Real Techniques brush and use the second to darkest shade to help make the pencil look a bit less obvious.  And, that's it really.  The hardest and most tedious part is the plucking and trimming, after that it's just a matter of playing with makeup, which we all know I love :)  How do you do your brows so they look the way you want them to? What products do you use? XOXO


  1. Great post! I have really thin eyebrows and the tail is almost completely missing on one of them, so when I don't fill them in I look a bit weird. I have been using the ELF brow compact for the past few days and I really like it!

    1. I've heard really good things about that compact. I'll have to check it out when my spending ban is over :)


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