Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine Sweetheart

This is my best friend Taylor, who became a (willing) model for a Sweetheart Valentine look I had been playing around with.  Like me, she is a Paley McPale Face but even more so, so the colors I used on her eyes really popped against her skin tone.  Here is the final look:
I used a light  pink wash all over the lids and then took a light purple/orchid color and did the crease and out to the eyebrow.  I then took a red and put it on the inner corner of her eye.  The final touch was a little bit of pink glitter from a NYX palette I own in the center of her eyelid.  On her cheeks I used my Napolean Pardis (NP) mosaic blush and swept it along the apples of her cheeks and up to the hair line.  One reason I really like this color is because it can either be sheer, like I did here, or be built up to a nice rosy flush.  The mascara I used was the Maybelline Rocket Blast mascara, which I've never used before.  I had read mixed reviews about it so I was a bit apprehensive to use it but was then pleasantly surprised when I put it on her lashes!  For her lips, since her eyes were so bold, I used a peachy sheen color from NYX gloss and it gave her a 'my lips but better' look.
This look is definitely meant more for night time partying or dates, but if you're bold- wear it whenever you want! That's the fun of makeup, if you can think of it- you can try it! XOXO


  1. Pink looks great with blue eyes!

    1. I was surprised with how good it looked on her :)

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  3. wish i had friends who would model for me!

  4. I love how bright it is! Awesome job!


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