Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Roundup #2: Raves and Rants

So this is a day late and a dollar short, but I'm trying to keep up with doing my weekly roundup.  Since I ran out of time to take pictures of the products I've loved this week, I decided to mix it up and do a rant, rave, random post.
RANT: I'm a California girl, is it possible for my blood to freeze in my veins as I walk to class? I'm not used to cold and this 'feels like -15 degrees' thing needs to stop. Seriously. Where's spring when you need it?
RAVE: I did Zumba for the first time this weekend at a two hour Zumbathon, hosted by my school's Mortar Board Athenian Chapter to help raise money for Alzheimers research.  I had a blast at the event, danced the whole two hours, and one a raffle prize which just happened to be a lavender scented beauty bath basket.
RANDOM: I will be going to Texas this weekend to spend time with my family and get away from school for a little bit.  Every senior needs some sort of break day, and this will be mine.
How was your week? XOXO
This is a picture of me and one of our instructors (also the friend who convinced me to do it), Annie Malin, after the Zumbathon event.


  1. Man I wish I was a Cali girl! The cold sucks whether you are ready for it or not. :P


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