Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day Look

Happy Valentine's Day, or Singles Awareness Day, whichever you celebrate.  Either way, it's a time when I can wear pink, pink, and more pink.  Please excuse the sad state of my hair in this photo.

I wanted to really play up my eyes, so I used my BH Cosmetics palette to create this sweet look.  I took a slightly shimmery baby pink color and brushed it all over my lid and up onto my brow bone.  This created a nice soft base for the color  I used next which was a bright shimmery red.  I used this color in the outer V of my eye and blended it up into the crease to add dimension.  The best thing is that I had forgotten to use eye primer, but it still came out really pigmented and didn't crease while I worked at the show.
 For my eye liner, I used my NYX Satin pencil to line my upper and lower water line to make my lashes seem more full.  I then took my Revlon Lash potion mascara and applied two coats to my upper lashes so that they would make my eyes pop.
On my cheeks I used my Stila convertible color in Petunia, and on my lips I used the Revlon lip stain in Love Struck.  I topped this all off with a bit of highlighting from my Stila Kitten set.  What do you guys think of this? Did you do anything special for V-Day? XOXO


  1. Following from the Bright Side Blog Hop :)

  2. We got a snow storm in I stayed home, did some online shopping, ate some cookies and watched some netflix haha!
    Which BH cosmetics palette did you use?! This is such a lovely look! :)

    1. I used the second edition palette :) I love it.


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