Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rimmel Exaggerate Shadow Primer: Review!

Over my Christmas break, I had a bit of a haul at Target and this is one of the products I picked up- Rimmel Exaggerate Shadow Primer.  I'm a bit of a eyeshadow-holic, and having vivid colors on my lids is my favorite thing so a primer is a must.  Here's what I thought about it.
This is not like any other eyeshadow primer I have ever used, it doesn't twist up and it doesn't get squeezed out.  Instead it has a doe foot applicator, like that of a lip gloss.  The color of the primer is white but once it sinks into the skin, you can't tell that it's there.  This would not be the best choice of eyeshadow primer for people with oily lids because the consistency of this is quite oily.  It feels very greasy when you put it on but it dries fairly quickly.  I have noticed that it does make my shadows more vivid but not as vivid as my Revlon Photoready eyeshadow primer.  I think that if they were to combine the applicator of the Rimmel primer and the product in the Revlon primer, you would have a great product that is really easy to apply.  I probably would not repurchase this product because it does have such a greasy consistency.


  1. That' disappointing, I normally love Rimmel products. I might try that Revlon one though, since I'm looking for a good drugstore primer right now. Great review!

  2. I've never really used a primer, it's a shame about the Rimmel one you tried though. Is there a better one you would recommend?

    1. Definitely the Revlon photoready one is my favorite drustore brand but Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my favorite high end brand.


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