Thursday, February 6, 2014

Time to Show Off

 The Rimmel Apocaplips, or Show Offs as their called here, have finally made it stateside and I couldn't be happier! I immediately ran out to the store to purchase some and now have a fully formed opinion to on these lovely babies to share with you guys.
The colors swatched on my arm, from left to right, are: Big Bang, Galaxy, Stellar, and Nova.
 First, the formula.  I was really pleased to find that these lipglosses do not feel like your average lipgloss.  It's very liquidy and light on your lips.  They don't make your lips feel tacky or sticky, and it goes on without sliding all over the place.  These are a mix between a lipgloss and a lipstick, and I think that is the best way to describe it; the pigmentation of a lipstick but the lightness and ease of application of lipgloss.  As you can see from the picture above, the pigmentation is amazing! Swatched on my arm is one swipe of each wand and you can tell that it becomes opaque in just one swipe across the lips.  I find that the lasting power isn't that great, only two hours max before having to reapply, but the darker tones do leave your lips with a nice stained look.  The only one that I had a problem with fading and the dreaded lip ring was the red, Big Bang, but then again it wouldn't be a true red if it didn't have it's bright ring around the lips.  I haven't noticed this problem with the other colors.
 1. 102 Nova: This is a true baby pink, and very complimentary on pale skin tones.  I find this color the easiest to wear during the day time without it being to 'in your face'.  Even though this is the lightest shade I picked up, I still find the pigmentation to be amazing.  This is a great color for spring and summer because it is so light and flirty.
 2. 301 Galaxy- This is a nice orchid/plum color from the line, perfect to go with Pantone's color of the year 'radiant orchid'.  Rimmel was the first brand to get me into berry and deeper wine colored lip tones, and I haven't been able to put them down since.  This is the perfect color to use during the transition from winter to spring, which we are all hoping will happen someday very soon.  I find the color to be better at night, although it can work in the daytime but with a simple lip and swipe of the mascara.
 3. 501 Stellar- Stellar is a bright bright pink with orange undertones.  This is probably my favorite color out of the bunch because I love pink!  This is very flattering on pale skin tones, and can be worn during the day or out on the town in the night.  It can be a little 'in your face' with how bright it is at times but you can blot it during the day to leave a nice pink stain on your lips.
4. 400 Big Bang- This color reminds me a lot of the color 'Jet Set' which is also made by Rimmel.  This is a blue undertoned red, which really helps to make teeth seem whiter.  This is a great color to pair with a simple eye.  The only problem with this color is that when it fades it does leave a slight ring around the mouth, but who wouldn't expect that from a red lipstick or lipgloss.
Have you tried any of the lipglosses from the Show Off line?XOXO

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