Sunday, March 23, 2014

Butter London Lippy in Jaffa- REVIEW

 Hello my lovelies! It's officially spring which means that we can start to wear bright colors again- YAY! One of the first things I pulled out of my many makeup cases was a Butter London Lippy that I had bought back in the summer/fall.  Because of the wretched weather in Missouri, I didn't get to wear it very long but now the sun is back and shining bright, which means we can get out our favorite corals, bright pinks, and whatever bright color you love to wear on your lips.  Here is my review of this particular Butter London Lippy!

 The very first thing I notice when I open the tube is the scent, it smells like fresh baked sugar cookies! It almost smells to good to wear :)  It comes with your traditional doe foot applicator but I really love the packaging because it is stream lined and square and just in general looks very 'clean' for lack of a better word.  When you twist the lid back on, it makes a clicking noise letting you know it is sealed tight.  I really like this feature on twist off applicators because I've dried out quite a few products because I thought the lids were sealed on tightly but I was wrong.
Now onto the actual product.  I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the actual gloss. The pigmentation is great and you only need one swipe to make it opaque and it also goes on really smoothly.  The thing I have a problem with is show gloopy it is and how tacky it feels for the first few minutes.  If it's windy, forget about it, you're going to be have gloss streaked cheeks or hair stuck in their lips.  This, though, is often the trade off for lip glosses, high pigmentation and gloopy or low pigmentation but now tackiness.  Have you tried the Butter London Lippy products or after reading this would you?XOXO


  1. That colour is so pretty! I have never tried any products from this company before, but I might look into one of these lippies. I save sticky glosses for days when I tie my air back lol.

    1. My hair is currently too short to tie back. I own one of their nailpolishes too and love the texture and opaqueness of it.


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