Sunday, March 30, 2014

I should NEVER be allowed in Sephora... or Ulta... or MAC...

Hello my lovelies!  I'm back with another haul post, this time from Sephora and MAC.  I got a lot of my favorites from Sephora and a new lipstick from MAC.  I also found my Easter dress for when I go to my friend's house and so I want to look nice. 

Okay, this sort of doesn't count because I got it at Ross (for $5).  While I love the one I own a lot it's been hurting my eyes when I use it, so I figured it was time to replace it. I like that this came with two extra pad... things.  I love that it is bright blue, like my other one that was pink and covered in rhinestones, it would be easy to spot backstage for a quick touch up.
While I only purchased one MAC product, I still found it to be a splurge and a special treat because I never buy MAC products.  I have one other MAC lipstick called Crosswires, the color of my new lipstick is a retro matte called Relentlessly Red. I know the name says it's red but, frankly, I think if it as more of a bright pink.
Then I got matched for my perfect foundation color at Sephora with their new Pantone color matching system.  The one I liked best was the Makeup Forever Matte Velvet foundation in #25.  I have a Makeup Forever eyeshadow that I love to wear on a night out because it is a deep purple with glitter in it.  I'm going to finish up the sample first before I commit to buying any of the foundations that were suggested to me.  I am really glad I did this, so next time you're in Sephora ask to be color matched- it doesn't take a lot of time and then you'll know what will suit your skin perfectly.
Soap and Glory, oh how I love thee.  After reading about these products on so many blogs I just knew I had to try it out.  The Hand Food is a repurchase but the Clean Girls body wash and The Righteous Butter lotion are completely new to me.  The Sephora I got this at JUST started carrying these products.  As soon as I saw the stand in the store I practically squeeled with joy.  All of them have a nice scent, which is light and citrusy.  Usually I don't go for anything that smells like citrus but I love this stuff.   Another plus size is that it's not too too expensive, especially compared some of the other skin and body products sold in the store.  I would say definitely give this a go!
I got this Buxom lipgloss as my reward for having over 100 points on my account.  I've never really tried Buxom brand items, so I figured why not give this a go.  It makes your lips tingle, which I love, and has a slight scent of mint to it, which I also happen to love.  The color is more neutral on me, and I'm not really a neutral gal but I'll give it a go.   Hey, I may fall in love with it.
This was my big purchase of the Sephora trip- my first NARS blush.  I went for the color Super Orgasm because I have the NYX dupe for the original Orgasm, and I had been dying to try this.  It's still got the peachy undertone of the original but this has more glitter, and if there's one thing to know about me is how much I love glitter and shiny objects.  I've already word this and love how well it translates to my cheeks.  You don't really see all of the glitter when it gets put on, which is a plus.  I'm just really happy about this purchase.
This I picked up while waiting in line at check out, it has three of the most popular products for the face in trial sizes so you can give them a whirl. That Gal is a primer for makeup and gives you a smooth canvas of a face (see what I did there?) and then Porefessional is also a primer but it targets the age old problem of making pores look smaller.  Girl Meets Pearl is a highlighter.  They have a few highlighters, Moon Beam and Sun Beam, so I'm not quite sure what the difference is between them except for a variation in color.  I'm glad I picked this up because now I can give these products a go.
What are some of your favorite splurges you've made over the years? XOXO


  1. Lovely haul! I just got my 15% off coupon from sephora and I think I'm going to go ahead and splurge on some clinique and ysl goodies I've had my eye on :)


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