Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lush Haul!

With my spending ban over, I went into Lush for a mini celebration.  I got three types of bath things and one of their massage bars.  I also got a little sample of their new for Easter carrot soap and their Simply soy body lotion.

The Phoenix Rising bath bomb is one of my all time favorites.  It looks so pretty when it all explodes out in a rainbow of colors.  Since I liked that one so much, I decided to buy a few more and give them a whirl.  Keep reading if you would like to see what I got and what my initial reactions are.
The recycled bag that, as far as I know, are completely recycled materials.  I love how simple and stream lined they are on the front and the logo itself is very eye catching.
 1) This is the first bubble bar I've ever tried and it's called French Kiss.  What will happen is I drop this into the bath tub and it creates a good amount of bubbles for me to relax in.  There are definitely so heavy hints of lavender and chamomile in it but I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it is.  It also has a  few lavender flowers in it, so when it melts, you are floating in a luxurious pool of lovely lavender scented products.
 2) This bar is another bubble bar I'm going to try out called Dorothy, as in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Dorothy.  There are hints of citrus in this one that are very notable but the other things I can't place my fingers on.  I mainly wanted to try this because it is The Wizard of Oz themed.  I guess I should have mentioned this earlier but with the brighter or more glittery ones there will be residue  left in your tub, so plan accordingly.
 3) This bar us called the Golden Wonder, and for obvious reasons. This bath bomb is covered, and I mean COVERED, in glitter.  I still have some stuck on my skin from picking it up.  The scent of this is almost that of a Sandalwood and a flower, it also has Shea Butter in it.  This really helps to make your skin feel smooth and make you feel great.  I have to be honest, the only reason I chose this bath bomb is because it is covered in glitter.
4) The last thing I got from the store was the Therapy organic aerated moisture bar.  This was really nice to try because I got a much needed hand massage from one of the workers when he was demonstrating how it works.  This bar has hints of lavender and vanilla in it. This really does melt in your hands, the outermost layer starts to soften and melt as soon as it hits the skin.  Ahhhhh
 5) These are the two sample things I received at checkout, a cut piece of their Easter carrot soap and then some of their soy body lotion.  I'm excited to take these back to school with me and give them a whirl.
Lush is a cruelty free, hand made cosmetics and bath and body stuff shop.  If you get a chance, stop into a store near you or look up their website online.  Would you be interested or already do use Lush products?XOXO


  1. Lush hauls are the best! Looks like you got some awesome goodies! I can never go into a store long though because a room full of strong scents will set off my asthma sometimes, but next time I go I'm demanding a hand massage! lol



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