Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Favorite Makeup Bags

Hello lovely readers! Tonight I'm going to do a little bit of chitchating about my favorite makeup bags, specifically, the ones I use for my love of travel.  The two bags in the back are from Victoria Secret on a gift with purchase deal, there are actually three of these but the smallest one isn't used for makeup so I did not include it.  These bags are great for both storage and travel because one is medium sized (R) and one is quite large (L).  The larger one carries all of my lip products (which proves how big it is because I have A LOT of lip products).  The medium sized one is actually the bag I put into my backpack with quick refreshers such as powder, mascara, and face towelettes.  The final bag in the collection I actually got on special at Ulta.  This could easily double for an evening clutch.  I've been using it to carry more medicine around right now than makeup, but it works great for both, oh, and it zippers shut.  I think that makes it a winner. Makeup bags come in all shapes and sizes and make a great accessory to any suitcase. XOXO

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