Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Weekly Roundup #6: Blogging Tools

I decided to try something different with my weekly roundup since I already did a favorites post this week which you can find here, about my monthly favorites.  So this weeks roundup is about some of the things I use to keep my blog going.

1) My blogging bible- Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho.  I have referenced this book many times since I've gotten it a few months back.  I got the idea of getting this book from Vivianna who talked about how much it helped her build her blog to what it is today.   This is a great book because it talks about how you can go about blogging for profit as a full time job or as something just for fun, for passion.  This also tells you how you can reach out to other bloggers and build a community through your blog.  If you have really gotten into blogging and want to learn more about it, I highly suggest picking this up.  I got mine for $8 used on Amazon.
2) Moleskine Notebook- I absolutely adore Moleskine notebooks.  I don't know what it is about them that I love so much, but I just find that they are the perfect size to carry around and jot down ideas for blog posts.  I will readily admit that these are on the pricier side, so I use them wisely and try to make them last as long as humanly possible.  They come in a range of colors as well as in hard or soft cover types- I use the soft cover, mainly because I can put it in my bag and squish a million other things on top of it.  A notebook, any kind, is great to have because it helps you to keep your thoughts in order and to write down any spur of the moment post ideas that you may have. You can order these from the Moleskine website or get them at any Barnes and Noble.
3) Targus TG-42TT Tripod- This is my most recent investment in my blogging hobby.  I was surprised at how inexpensive this tripod was, I got it at Walmart for $14.  This is a lot better than the tiny tripod I had before that was very flimsy and meant more for camera phones.  Having a tripod means you're not always doing a selfie type picture when you're trying to get a shot of your makeup look and you have a more balanced and steady shot when you're shooting a vlog or just pictures in general.
4) Canon PowerShot SX160 IS (not pictured)- I got this camera as my 20th birthday present from my whole family because the other camera I had decided to just plain out die on me at the most inconvenient time ever.  This is like a mini DSLR camera, with great optical zoom and HD movie shooting capabilities. I like this camera because I can put it in my purse or backpack and not have it take up too much room unlike a true DSLR which I would want it to have it's own separate carrying bag.  This camera takes great pictures in low light which is wonderful when I'm taking night time shots or don't have the best lighting situation for taking pictures for my blog.  You can get this at Best Buy.


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