Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 5 Hair Products

Hello lovelies! I don't usually do posts about hair but I've been using these products really religiously  since I cut my hair off so I figured I would share them with you! These are all products I have invested in multiples in or plan to repurchase when I run out.

1) L'Oreal Studio Shine spray- I've had this spray for years, and up until now I had never really used it.  It's simple enough- spray on hair to get the shiny affect.  Since it's been winter (happily spring is on the way) my hair has just looked lackluster and dull, enter this beauty.  It gives my hair the needed boost in glossiness to help my hair look super healthy.
2) Sebastian Shaper Plus hairspray- I LOVE this hairspray. My hair doesn't like to hold it's curl at some points and this hairspray makes it stay.  I also find that a little bit of this stuff goes a long way.
3) Got 2b 2sexy volumizing spray: My hairdresser used the Big Sexy Hair version of this the last time I went to the salon and I loved the results.  I decided to choose the Got 2b brand because, well, because it was cheaper.  I was really impressed with the quality of this brand, it does give my hair more volume and doesn't weigh it down.  It's definitely worth a try because it's not that expensive and it's a pretty good product.
4) Got 2b hair pomade: Since I cut all of my hair off into a really short pixie cut, I've been trying to find things to do with my hair.  This is one of the things I found and it makes me happy to report that I love it.  I like the feeling of spikey hair and it still being soft to the touch.  This also wasn't as expensive as some other brands, it was under $10 and all of the other ones I found were $12 and above.  If you have short hair, I highly suggest picking this up.
5) Conair Collapsible Hairdryer- I absolutely LOVE this hairdryer.  It's handle folds up and makes it  great for traveling.  It packs a punch and has three heat settings, like most hairdryers.  One really nice thing about this hairdryer is that it is under $50 but it still works wonderfully like the ones that are $50 and above.

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