Monday, April 14, 2014

Garnier Blackhead Clearing Scrub

This is a new product made by Garnier and it hit the shelves a few months back.  The thing that makes this scrub unique is that it has charcoal in it to help draw out the black heads and the salicylic acid helps to treat acne.  I use this scrub once a week because my skin is sensitive to really abrasive scrubs, such as this one.  I DO NOT use this with my Olay Pro X cleaning brush because I think the two exfoliating elements together would be too much for my skin to handle.  I have seen a good difference from when  I first posted about this, in my skin and the amount of black heads that I get.  I have skin that is very prone to blackheads, especially on my nose, so I was willing to try anything to help them go away.  Since my first post about this product I've had the proper time to road test it and give it a fully formulated opinion.  While there is not miracle to getting rid of blackheads sigh you can use products to help treat them and I think that this is one your should definitely have in your arsenal.


  1. This sounds like a product I need to try out. My nose is blackhead central!


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