Saturday, April 19, 2014

Go Bold or Go Home

I love crazy bright colors, especially when it comes to makeup but the other day I went to Lawrence, Kansas to see Combichrist (headliner) and William Control (one of the opening acts).  The only concerts I had been to were rock and roll, i.e. The Who, so wild and crazy makeup was never needed and for everyday I like to go for a more natural, glittery look.  So, when this metal concert came up and I decided to go, I knew I wanted to wear some crazy bright eyeshadows and luckily the clothes I borrowed from my friend was my favorite color combination.  Here's what I did!
 Everything minus the shorts is my best friend's clothes.  But I did pink and green through my hair and on my eyes.  I, luckily, happened to have pink and green hair clip ins and so that worked out perfectly.  The biggest thing about me pulling off this look was confidence and bravery so if you want to try bold colors, just go for it!

 I used the BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition 120 eyeshadow palette to do my eyes.  I alternated the colors on my eyes because I think it gave me a unique look and something not as bold as two completely pink or green lids.  I don't know if that's true, but that is the mode behind my madness.  I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed which is gold and it made my eyeshadow really pop and stay put on my eyes for the whole thirteen and a half hours I had it on.  After putting on the eyeshadow I put on the Rimmel Gel liner, which I'm now in love with, and you should be looking for a review on that soon.  My lashes are obviously false because no one has that thick of lashes naturally.  I picked these 'Glamour' style ones on a whim and I do like wearing them but they do get a little heavy after a while.  Finally on my lips I used my MAC Retro Matte lipstick in Relentlessly Red because it added a nice pop of color to my lips without being absolutely ridiculous.
Now for the rest of my face: 
Foundation- Cover FX in Light
Powder- Rimmel Matte Powder in Light
Blush- Revlon Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold
What do you think of this look? Would you be willing to try something bold?


  1. Love love love this! The best part is the opposite eyeshadow colours! I also love how it matches your outfit!


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