Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Swatches and Review

Well, I finally feel like an official beauty blogger now- I own one of the Naked palettes, and possibly the most coveted one.  I felt so official buying the palette, I felt like I had earned my beauty blogger pin.

 All of the beautiful rose gold toned hues in their glory.

From left to right on my arm is Strange (Matte), Dust  (Shimmer), Burnout (Shimmer), Limit (Matte), Buzz (Shimmer), and Trick (Shimmer).  These were swatched without using any primer, so the color payoff is impressive and I haven't had too much trouble with fallout when I use it but I see that other people have
This product contains a lot of  nice colors for day wear but can easily be transitioned into nighttime/ party wear as you'll see in these next few photos.
 From left to right are: Trick (I messed up when I was setting my camera and photographed it twice), Nooner (Matte), Liar (Shimmer), Factory (Shimmer), Mugshot (Shimmer), Darkside (Shimmer) and Blackheart (Shimmer with red micro glitter)
Definitely the most unique color in the whole palette is Blackheart, mainly because of the red micro glitter.  I love that they incorporated a nice smokey eye color but stuck to the pink tones by adding the micro glitter.
I am really impressed, as always, by the quality that Urban Decay puts out.  I also own their eye primer in Greed, almost all of the different colored eye pencil the carry, and their Moondust eye shadow that came out last year. Another thing I love about this palette is how soft all of the eye shadows are and how blend-able they are.  I own many palettes but I think this might be my favorite because of how nice they are to put on and how easily they blend together to create a soft look, romantic look, or party rock look.
Do any of you own this or another palette that you truly love, what do you think of it? XOXO


  1. I didn't think I wanted any of the Naked palettes, but the more I read reviews about them I kind want pick them up :) At the moment I love my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. xo's

    1. The reviews were what convinced me to get it, that, and the pretty gold pink hues. I have been eyeing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, but haven't convinced myself I need it, yet.


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