Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Roundup #6: March Favorites

Hello lovelies! Better late than never, right? So here it is my weekly roundup of my favorite march products.
1) It's no secret that I prefer men's deodorant scents to women's deodorant, and I picked this one up on special at Walmart.  I got the brand Old Spice in the scent of Aqua Reef. It goes on and has a cooling sensation and it lasts and works all day.
2) I've raved about this before and I'll rave about it again, Soap and Glory's Hand Food is my favorite hand lotion.  I love it so much that I have repurchased it already from Sephora.   I also purchased the Righteous Body Butter and the Clean Girls body wash, but I'll post about those at a later date when I've had a chance to test drive them out.
3) E.L.F. Makeup brush was clothes are now my little time saving beauties.  They are like the makeup wipes for your eyes but you can use them to clean your brushes in between deep cleansing.  The best thing about these little babies? They are under $5.
4) I finally found a Tangle Teezer at Ulta the other day, and now I can see what people were raving about when this became big in Europe.  I got mine in pink, of course, and have been using it everyday.  My hair may be short right now but it actually does what it says on the packaging.  I am really pleased with this.
5) FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, I finally was able to get the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette into my eager little hands.  I am in love with this palette, it is a wonderful combination of gorgeous colors- I love the rose gold theme going on this year, it's gorgeous and lovely and ahhhh I just love it!
What have you been loving this past month? XOXO


  1. Those brush cleaning wipes sounds fantastic! I'm definitely getting those next time I order from ELF.


  2. I wanted this palette for ages, now I'm thinking of selling it, oops! x

    1. Did you not enjoy the colors or it just wasn't your style?

  3. You know what Girlfriend. Call me a beauty blogger but I don't have naked 3 in my makeup drawer. I guess I have to get it soon! I am jelly you already have one. :)

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    1. I will definitely check it out, thanks for stopping by and following!


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