Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A new MAC love

It's needless to say that I love red lipsticks (and pink!), but I think I've found a new love in  MAC's 'Head in the Clouds'.
I picked this beauty up when I was in the Mall of America, and I'm really happy with my choice. This is a frosted red from their regular collection, so you don't have to worry about it disappearing anytime soon!
The frost in this is more of a gold shimmer, which I really love.   I do think of this as more of a shimmer than a frost, to be quite honest.  The red is more of an orange tinted red than blue, so be sure to test it out before you buy especially if you are wary of bright lip colors.  The formulation is like all of their lipsticks, nice and creamy. This stuff applies like a dream and doesn't smear or bleed, at least not that I've noticed.  I've been wearing this without lip liner and have not noticed it bleeding or smearing out which is a big bonus since I don't wear lip liner very often.
In this swatch it looks a lot more blue toned than it actually is but it looks a lot different on the lips.  What are some of your favorite reds that I should try out? XOXO

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