Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Perfumed post

I am a sucker when it comes to body sprays and perfumes, so it's needless to say that there are quite a few that I own and today I wanted to share them with you!
The back row is all body sprays form Bath and Body Works which includes Forever Midnight, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Paris.  Cherry Blossom and Paris are both part of the Diamond Dust collection which means more glitter for Emma.  The third on, Forever Midnight is from their more 'upscale' scent range meant for the workplace or at least that's what I'm telling myself.  Forever Midnight has a light floral scent and isn't as intrusive as some of their other fragrances which means it's easier to wear on a day to day basis.  Japaneses Cherry Blossom is one of their classic scents and smells just as such, like Cherry Blossoms with an slight underhint of vanilla.  Paris is the most interesting of the bunch because it is both floral and fruity, but the scents don't clash in any way.  
The bottom row is all of my 'real' perfumes, the first is the original Princess by Vera Wang, in the middle is Viva La Juicy, and then Floral Princess by Vera Wang.  Princess was the first big girl perfume I ever owned and it is still my favorite after all of these years! It has heavy scents of vanilla and lavender, two of my favorite things, and I wear this year round but it more suits the winter season.  Viva La Juicy is the newest fragrance to my collection, and this actually a replacement of the one I had because the bottom busted out while traveling.  This is the first floral perfume that I have ever fallen in love with but because I like this one so much I may try out the other Juicy Couture perfumes, what do you think? Finally is the Vera Wang Floral Princess, this was one of the limited edition releases from a few years back and I've been nursing it to it's last drops ever since.  This is definitely something that I would only wear during the spring and summer because it is a really light floral fruit scent.
What are some of your favorite perfumes and body mists? XOXO

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