Sunday, June 29, 2014

A wonderful 21st Birthday

The 28th was my 21st birthday, the big marker of finally being legal.  I spent it at Universal Studios with my parents and had the time of my life. Universal City Walk has a Lush store and I always go in and pick up a thing or two but since it was my birthday, I did a little more treating at Lush and Hot Topic. Whoops

 I have this basket in my room where I put all of my special bath products, that just happen to be all Lush products, and now it overfloweth.  So let me tell you what I've got here.
 First up has to be one of my favorite products they make, the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb.  It's a strong cinnamon apple scent and that's what over takes the scent of your bath. Also it's multiple colors so your bath goes through a few mood changes which is lovely to watch. This is not my first, nor will it be my last time buying this.
 This piece is brand new to me, it's the Blue Skies and White Clouds bubble bar. The scent is very calming and just helps you relax and meditate.  I'm excited to try this for the first time.
 Up next, another product I have never tried: The Butterball bath bomb.  I picked it up because it had vanilla in it which is always a big selling point for me.  As always, keep your eyes peeled for individual reviews.
Rose Queen was another new one I bought.  This is chocked full of rosey scents, just smelling it in the store made me feel like I was making a royal decision in choosing this particular bath bomb.
This was my other repurchase, the Sunny Side bubble bar.  This is the first bubble bar I ever tried and I fell in love with it's color and it's citrusy scent.  What products do you wish you could buy from Lush right now?
And I close with a picture of me with my first drink.

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