Sunday, June 22, 2014

MAC lipstick "Head in the Clouds" REVIEW

My MAC lipstick collection is slowly growing, slow and steady wins the race.  The latest color I picked up is the color A14 "Head in the Clouds" which is a bright red with gold shimmer running through it.  The color payout is exactly what you would expect from any MAC lipstick, impeccable.  The formula is creamy and non drying.  The lipstick has a staying power of around three to four hours before I need to reapply it.
You would think because of the glitter/shimmer that it would be gritty and not pleasant to put on but it's quite the opposite.  When I apply this I don't even use a lip brush, which I usually do when applying reds to make the application process precise.  Have you tried this color, what do you think of it? XOXO

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