Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inspired Look: Black Widow

This picture is just to show what I look like without makeup, so you can see some differences in the posts where I am wearing makeup.  Once again, today's look is another Marvel inspired style.

I wanted to play up the Black Widow we saw on screen, as well as the colors of an actual black widow.  I based my whole eye lid with a matte red color and then took a more sheer and shimmery red and put that on my brow bone.  Then, I took a matte deep black and did a smokey eye smudge on the outer corner of each eye and then took it all the way into the crease and across the rest of my eye.  This made me think of the black that surrounds the diamond pattern on the actual spider (I shudder just typing that word, spider, yick) This is definitely a look that you need to be brave while wearing because it is such a shocking jolt of color on the lids.  I finished this look with Revlon Lacquer Balm in color #150 which is a more brick red than a true red.

Confidence and power ladies, and you too can rock this look!

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