Saturday, July 12, 2014

Keep your nails healthy

I have notoriously bad nail beds, and so I finally started doing something about it.  I'm going to share with you my daily regime to help strengthen my nails and keep them healthy, besides just taking Biotin.

Morning: In the morning I use cuticle oil (green bottle) with Vitamin E and avocados.  Firstly, this stuff smells divine and it makes me feel like I'm in a spa.  It does make your fingers very oily, so be sure to wipe the pads of your fingers off so you don't get oil anywhere.  This sinks in incredibly fast and you start to see a difference in just a few weeks. I picked this product up at Sally's Beauty Supply.
Evening: In the evening I use two products, the first is Burt's Bees cuticle cream.  This is almost like a balm when you put it on and you rub it not just on your nail but also around the nail to help make the skin look healthy.  Since the texture is balm like, it does take a little bit longer to sink in.  The scent is pleasant, and slightly citrus but nothing that is too overpowering.  I got this product from Target.
Then I use Smith's Rosebud Salve right before I get into bed.  This Salve has many uses such as, lip balm, rough skin, and cuticle cream.  The salve sinks in very nicely and has a light rose scent, which I love.  This I picked up at Sephora and I haven't seen it anywhere else.  What do you like to use to keep your nails healthy.

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