Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top 5 Pink Lip Products

As most people are aware, I love pink lip products because they bring such a fresh look to someone's face.  It helps to brighten complexions, accentuate a smile, anything.  Sometimes these products can do double duty as a lop product and a blush (when in a hurry).  So here are my top five pink lip products, enjoy!

1. Benefit's Posie Tint- This is a double duty product as it works as both a lip and cheek stain.  It gives your lips that 'just fresh from the snow' look.  I know, I know, silly comparison but it's the best one I can think of.  It dries matte and stays for a good few hours.
2. NYX Jumbo lip pencil in 724 Chaos- I got this a couple weeks back from Ulta and have been wearing it non-stop ever since.  The texture is nice and smooth and it's opaque with one swipe. The color is a bright pink with slightly blue undertones.
3. Mark Glossworks in Tempest- I got this while I was still in school a few months back and I really like it.  The only qualm I have with this lipgloss is that it does get a bit tacky and your hair can get caught up in it.  The color is a really pretty true bright pink.
4. Revlon Lacquer Balm in 120 Vivacious-This is a lot more sheer than the NYX one, it takes a couple swipes to make it completely opaque but it can be done.  My favorite thing about this lip product is that it smells of mint and it smells divine.
5. Rimmel Show Off in 102 Nova- This is the only true baby pink out of the whole bunch that I truly do like.  The color me of my Barbie Dreamhouse, it's that kind of pink but surprisingly is very wearable.
What are some of your top lip colors? XOXO

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