Sunday, August 24, 2014

Empties Post #1

This is the first empties post I've done in over a year.  Now that doesn't mean that I haven't used up any products, it's just that I always forgot to save them up.  This time I did save them up and I'm excited to share them with you. A '*' denotes something that I've already re bought or plan to re buy.

1. Rimmel Scandaleyes Curve Alert mascara*- This has to be my favorite all time mascara.  It gives the lashes a good curl and oomph of volume.  It also comes off easily with any makeup remover, but I use the Neutrogena makeup removing clothes.  If anyone ever asks me what mascara do I suggest, I say this one in a heart beat.
2. Rimmel Kohl liner in Nude*- this I didn't finish because it dried out because I lost the cap.  This is a great eye opener and especially great to use if you've had a late night out.
3. CVS Advanced Nail Polish Remover*- Okay, I bought two of these when I bought it so I've always had a back up for it.  It's 96% acetone, so it's great for removing gel nail polish.  The other great thing is that it is CVS brand so the price is cheaper.
4. Bio True Contact lense cleanser- I like this but right now I'm using Opti-Free Replenish. Really nothing to say about it, it's lense cleaner, it does a good job, and doesn't irritate my eyes.
5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance- I got this trial size when I bought the Beauty Blogger Bunch gift pack from Ulta.  It came with trial sizes of quite a few things.  I liked this but not as much as I like my Urban Decay and MAC eye lid primer.  I think it is a good one to start with when starting out with eyeshadow primer.
6. Renpure Organics Shampoo- I love Renpure Organics stuff, it smells great, is sulfate free, and comes in a great container.  This one was called "My Foxy Hair Needs Fixing".  Once I can figure out where to get a hold of it (that isn't Baltimore) I will buy it again.
7. The Righteous Body Butter [trial size]*- I love this lotion, it smells so nice and goes on so smoothly, it just has that feeling of luxury.  I almost bought the full size but I decided to wait on that and got the travel size instead.

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