Wednesday, January 28, 2015

City Color Cosmetics City Chic lipstick Review!

One of the booths I went a little crazy over at IMATS was the City Color Cosmetics booth.  Everything was so fairly priced and the color and product selection was amazing!  I hadn't heard about this cosmetic company  until I saw their booth so, naturally, I was intrigued and my mom and I went to go and investigate.  There we found so many goodies, we almost picked one of everything (don't worry, I said ALMOST).  Me being the lip product junky I am, I immediately gravitated towards the lippy section and boy was I happy with what I found! Lipgloss/lipstick duos, matte lipsticks, regular lipsticks, great lip pencils, and lipglosses- I was practically in heaven.  Below I'll tell you what I got, the retail price of the City Chic lipsticks, and what I think of each product- so let's get started!

 Two of the lipsticks I picked out were from their City Chic collection, which is your typical lipstick but when I wore it I noticed a great moisturizing property about it.  Above is what the packaging looks like; it's a hard, black, plastic case that is square and then a clear acrylic type bottom so you can see what the product looks like which is a major bonus in my book.  I love when companies do something like this because you can store the lipstick upside down and know exactly what the color is that you're looking is without having to take the cap off.  The retail price of each lipstick is $4.99 for each lipstick which is a great price for their quality.
 I, of course, picked a pink and a red but this time the pink was not fuschia or hot pink it's actually a nice baby, tea rose sort of pink- almost nude in a way.  The pink one I got is in P1 'Pinky Promise' and the red I got is in R3 'Lady in Red'.  These lipsticks are super pigmented and they're quite moisturizing.  These lipsticks don't dry out your lips, in fact they do the opposite.
 Just from these swatches you can see how pigmented they are.  I am really really beyond pleased with this product and would love to try more colors of the City Chic lipstick line as well as their other products, with the ones I have being reviewed soon.  Their website is here so go and check them out and get some goodies for yourself.  There are quite a few great items on special right now, so it's an even better time to check them out! XOXOX


  1. I have heard of City Color before but I haven't picked anything up yet. I like the pink shade you picked up!
    Pam | Pam's Life

    1. I hadn't heard of them either until I was at IMATS. They are a great brand, not too expensive, and a great color and product range. You can check them out at (and no I'm not sponsored by them, I just really like them. lol)


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