Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Perfume Collection

 This year I've decided to do more collections here on my blog and on my YouTube Channel- here. Today's collection is my perfume collection.  I've been collecting perfume, high end perfume anyway, and body scents since I was in high school.  The body sprays I would buy with gift cards but the perfumes were usually birthday or Christmas gifts.
Above is my sad layout of my perfumes.  I haven't really found a way to store them yet in a way that I like, so currently they sit on top of my makeup storage drawers.  Maybe when I move into a place of my own I'll have more room to put them out decoratively on a nice tray or something.  But this is functional and works for me right now where I am at with my life.  Now, on to the collection!
 Here is the cup that I keep my  open samples, perfume minis, and my rollerball perfumes.  I have a Juicy Couture roller ball that one end broke off of, the classic Vera Wang rollerball, and a Max Azria rollerball that I got at Marshalls.  The mini spray perfumes are samples that I've liked from my Birchboxes, sometimes I love the scents and other times I hate them, so I put the ones I like in here.  Then I have a mini of Clinique's Happy perfume, I haven't really worn it much because it's more of a spring time/ summer scent.  The glass has a water filled bottom with sea shells in it, I believe it was meant to hold toothbrushes but I didn't like that idea so I made it my own.  I got it for three dollars at Tuesday Morning.
 The first perfume I'm going to tell you about is the Harajuku Lovers perfume in Lil' Angel.  I have to admit that the only reason I wanted this perfume in the first place is because of the cute doll on top but it actually turned out that I really enjoyed the scent of it as well. The perfume itself is very sweet and florally, which sadly sometimes gives me a headache.  A really nice thing about this perfume is that it travels really well.  The bottom is glass but a very thick and sturdy glass and the doll protecrts the mister.  I have traveled all over the country with this perfume and I have never had any trouble with it leaking or getting broken.
 This next perfume is still fairly new to me but I had been wanting to try it for a while, Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck'.  I picked this up in a gift set I saw at Target, when I bought it I had no clue what it smelled like but I really liked the packaging (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging). The scent itself is beautiful but something I will probably wear more during the fall and winter months because the notes tend to lean to the heavier side of things.
Ah, Juicy Couture perfume, my old friend- we've come to meet again.  I bought this at Marshalls because the end that broke off of my Juicy Couture rollerball was this scent.  It's very floral and perfect for spring and summer time.  It's a very light perfume but the scent stays around all day, which is great when you don't have time to touch up your perfume like when you're at school and traveling.
Now to my all time favorite perfumes- the Vera Wang Princess perfumes!  The original Vera Wang Princess was my very first "grown-up" perfume and since then I've been seeing which ones I can find at places like Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  The Vera Wang Princess perfumes I have are; original Princess, Flower Princess, Preppy Princess, and the newest one Princess Power.  I love how girly the bottles are but how sophisticated the scents are.  All of them have hints of vanilla in them but then the main notes differ from perfume to perfume.  For example, Flower Princess has more floral notes like daffodil and daisy but original Princess has very strong notes of Vanilla, Lilac (or it may be Lavendar, sometimes I can't tell) and other sweet scents but not to the point of being over powering.   I find the bottles to be surprisingly easy to hold, the heart shape curves to the hand just perfectly. Pictured below is what the tops look like, they all have the crown that you pull off to reveal the sprayer but they vary in what stone or gem is put into the sides of it and then they all have the lower band with smaller jewels of the same color as the crown which I think makes the bottles look very elegant.
Finally we come to body sprays, of which I have quite a few. I have three from Bath and Body Works, one signature collection scent in Forever Midnight and two of the diamond mists in Paris Amor and Japanese Cherry Blossom.  With the latter being my ultimate favorite, I even have it in full hand sanitizer size.  I then have a Lavender Woods scent that I picked up at Ulta which I really like because it is reminiscent of my favorite scent of Lavender and Sandalwood.  Then, this may seem a bit odd, but I have two Old Spice body mists. Why, you may ask? Well, I just really like how they smell so I got them.  I know they're for guys but I just can't get enough of the scents especially Swagger which is the tall can but I also have Foxcrest in the little short can.  Sure the scents are a bit musky, but I like that, I feel like I smell really fresh when I wear those two (obviously not together, and obviously only one spray so as to not over power myself).
So, there it is, my perfume and body spray collection.  I hope you guys liked this post.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for what posts or videos you would like to see me do next, leave a comment down below and I'll write it down in my handy dandy bloggy notebook.  Until next time! XOXO
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