Friday, February 27, 2015

Colour Pop! Initial Reaction

My Colour Pop package arrived today and I am so excited to be sharing them with you! I got six eyeshadows and two lip colors and they are just so beautiful, I just sat there and looked at them for a good five minutes before I even swatched them and *drools* OH MY GOD they are so buttery and beautiful and pigmented and soft and sparkly and beautiful. Here, just look at the pictures below.
 I went with more metallicy colors because that's what I wanted. I got a gold, a bronze, a light gold, a rose gold, silver, and a white.  I love rose gold! If you have any rose gold things you love, comment down below because I would love to try it out!
I ot the lippy sticks in Rocket and Juicy- Rocket is a very neon bright pink and Juicy is a bright pink as well but leans towards the more every day sort of pink shade but is still shockingly bright.
 I can't think of the exact names right now but from left to right is the white, light gold, gold, silver, rose gold, and bronze.   They are so creamy and a dream to swatch.  The texture is very pillowy and soft and definitely something you need to apply with your fingers or a very fluffy brush.
Have you tried Colour Pop? If not, you should because the pricing is amazing- their eyeshadows and lippy sticks are $5 and their blushes are $8 so they are definitely worth checking out and trying :) XOXO

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