Monday, March 2, 2015

NARS nail polish in Sharks Right: REVIEW!

 Hello Stars! I'm back with another review, but this time it's about the NARS nail polish collection by Pierre Hardy from the summer of 2014 and they came in duos and this is from the Sharks duo that also came with a light Canary yellow color.   You can still find them on E-bay and Amazon at various prices if you are interested in obtaining this nail polish.
 Where can I start? I LOVE this product!! It's beautiful, the product itself is wonderful and well made.  My favorite thing about this nail polish? It is opaque in just one coat.  This is actually my first go with the purple of this nail polish, I had tried the yellow before and had liked it, so I'm pleased that this one is so nice too.  Generally NARS nail polishes run about $20 a pop but you can find this duo on Amazon for about $14, I just ordered myself a new color from the collection and Super Orgasm nail polish. Super Orgasm is my all time favorite blush so I figured I would try the nail polish.
The application process was amazing too, it is a bit thick but not gloopy thick and nothing that wiping the brush doesn't fix. All in all, I'm really really REALLY happy with this product and as soon as I try the other ones I will let you know what I think of the other nail polishes I ordered. The other nail polish on my pointer finger is a Butter London polish in silver glitter.
Have you tried any of the NARS nail polishes, what do you think of them? XOXO

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